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Accessory Tray for Floor Ashtrays


Price: $18.00

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For Stinky Cigar Floor Ashtrays. 

 Are you always looking for somewhere to set your accessories while enjoying a nice cigar? Simply add an Accessory Tray to your old Stinky Cigar Floor Ashtray to keep your accessories right next to you.  The Accessory Tray installs easily on any Stinky Cigar Floor Ashtray (no tools required). 

The complete Floor Ashtray is sold separately. 


Please Note:

The current Floor Ashtray models include an Accessory Tray (with matching finish) designed to fit between the 2-posts.  This Jet Black Accessory Tray can also be added to the newer Floor Ashtray (2-post) models.  THIS additional/extra Accessory Tray was originally produced for the "original" Floor Ashtray with one long post.  It is only available with a Jet Black powder coated finish.