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Cone Ash Can


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 The Cone Ash Can !

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Available in 2 finishes!  Solid Black or the Cigar Collage.  This new floor ashtray model from Stinky Cigar is 24-inches tall by 10-inches diameter at the base. It is windproof!  There are 8-built-in cigar stirrups around the bowl.  Heavy construction with a printed tin-plate cone and solid stainless steel bowl polished to a shinny finish.  The bowl holds about the same volume as the original Stinky Cigar Ashtray


Nick Name: "The Cone"

It's "Windproof" up to 30 MPH winds.  That means the Cone Ash Can will not blow over and the ashes in the bowl do not blow out!  REALLY!  I did the "Wind Test" myself (with my leaf blower)!  . . . and the summer winds in Las Vegas, Nevada.


It is very strong.  One guy at the annual IPCPR (cigar) convention sat on it (see photo).  If you sit on it, send me a photo!  But, be very careful!  We don't recommend that you use the new Cone Ash Can as a bar stool.  Just saying it's strong enough.