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Cigar Stand - Hand Painted [brand new]

CODE: Cigar STAND hand painted

Price: $138.95

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The Cigar Stand is back in production . . . and available now. 


This rare and unique hand-painted Cigar Stand has been improved with a new manufacturer.  This is a another "rare" production run.  This new model looks the same, but it is now light weight made of High Density Polyurethane Foam so it won't chip or break like the previous models.


The Cigar Stand is 22-inches tall to the top tray plus the height of the ashtray & cigar shaped handle grip. The Cigar Stand is designed to hold the "Original" or Copper Plated Stinky Cigar Ashtray (sold separately). The "TALL" or "Box Pressed" ashtray models DO NOT fit on this Cigar Stand.  Ashtrays sold separately.