Stinky Himself
Stinky with his cigar truck in front of the Las Vegas Sign
Timeline History...

The original Stinky Cigar Ashtray was first introduced at the RTDA in Las Vegas. There was only one model with 3-stirrups. The first production run was ordered after the RTDA and new thicker samples were sent for approval. The first shipment arrived October 30th 2004.

The hand-painted Stinky Cigar Floor Stand was introduced as a new design concept at the RTDA in New Orleans. The first shipment of 1,276 pieces of this unique hand-painted sculpture (of cigars and matches) sold-out in 2006. Please Note: The Stinky Cigar Stand is temporarily out of stock while we implement product improvements. It will be available again in the future. See 2012 below.

The humungous Stinky Cigar Ashtray - Herf Edition was introduced as a promotional display at the RTDA in Las Vegas. Retail cigar store owners wanted to buy this huge 3-gallon display for their cigar events, so the first limited edition of 500 pieces was produced. It is still available today! The new Herf Edition has 8-cigar stirrups.

The new (all stainless steel) Stinky Cigar - Floor Ashtray introduced at the IPCPR in Houston, Texas. It is sleek, clean and totally functional! And, it's available now. No tools required for assembly.

Custom versions of the original Stinky Cigar Ashtray were shown at the IPCPR in Las Vegas. Additional stirrups make the original Stinky Cigar Ashtray into a Mini Herf-3+3 with 6 stirrups (no longer offered online) Mini Herf-8 with 8 stirrups. And, the rare and unusual "Antisocial" ashtray for the cigar smoker who has no friends and wants to smoke alone!

Stinky displayed a new Handle for the all stainless steel Floor Ashtray. Handles are now available as an accessory and option for the Floor Ashtray.

Stinky introduced a new TALL ashtray design & shape offered in Chocolate Brown and Jet Black Powder Coated finishes. This new “Tall” design has a slightly smaller 7-inch diameter bowl, however, this taller shape will hold the same amount of ash & debris and is just as windproof as the original 8” diameter bowl.

Also, the Floor Ashtray became available in Chocolate Brown and Jet Black powder coated finishes as well as the original solid stainless steel. The new Powder Coated models all have polished stainless steel stirrups (cigar holders).
FYI: Powder coated finishes are applied over malleable metal parts, not stainless.

Finally, an Accessory Tray was introduced for the Floor Ashtrays to add as a service tray for the Floor Ashtrays. The Accessory Tray is only offered in a Jet Black powder coated finish. The stainless steel Handle and Jet Black Accessory Tray are sold separately and can both be bolted on to any Stinky Cigar Floor Ashtray without the use of tools.

In January Stinky Cigar announced an alliance with Quality Importers Trading Company. Quality Importers has plans to expand marketing and world-wide exposure. Together we will expand the line by developing high-value and more innovative cigar accessories.

A new polished stainless steel ashtray model was added to the “Tall” Chocolate Brown and Jet Black table-top design.

At the July IPCPR annual convention the TALL ashtray was shown in six (6) new powder coated finishes (Pure White, Safety Yellow, Competition Orange, Fire Engine Red, Royal Blue, Forest Green).

The original 4-stirrup stainless steel tabletop model was introduced with a Copper plated finish.

Cigars International contracted for an exclusive new design called the “Personal Sized” Stinky Cigar Ashtray. It was produced for them and was introduced exclusively in their October catalog as “The Stinky Jr. Ashtray”. It looks like the original polished stainless steel model shrunk to a tiny 5-inch size with only one stirrup . . . personal sized.

Also displayed at the IPCPR convention were samples of a new 8” square Composite ashtray model in 7 basic colors (White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Brown, Black). However, this model would not be produced until production problems were resolved. The ‘improved’ model was re-introduced at the 2013 convention.

The Stinky Cigar Floor Ashtray model was improved and now includes a Handle and an Accessory Tray. The new model features a split-post to attach the Accessory Tray which makes it functional to hold tall drinks (like water, soda or beer bottles). The new Floor Ashtray models coordinate the finish & color on the Accessory Tray to match the finish of the base, posts and bowl. The cigar stirrups and Handle are solid stainless steel on all models.

In May we introduced the new Stinky Cigar-Car Ashtray. This unique Cigar-Car Ashtray is designed to gently hold your cigar level and secure while you drive. Now available.

Also in May, we re-introduced the unique hand painted Cigar Stand. Only 300 were made for the first re-release. Originally introduced in 2005, this new release is bigger and improved. Now available.

Late in the year, the Box Pressed Designer Series was added. This new shape is an extension of the TALL model that features a ‘Box Pressed’ bowl and a square base. Designer faux finishes include Acid Washed, Antique Distressed, Brushed Gold, Brushed Silver, Old Patina, Patina Copper, Galvanized, Cast Iron Black and the Bronze Cult ashtray with the Cult Cigar logo embossed on two sides of the bowl.

The Stinky Cigar Cutting Station was introduced at the IPCPR convention in July. This unique wall-mounted cabinet provides a tool tray to hold up to 8 different cigar cutters & lighters with retractable cables to keep your cigar tools where they belong. The shelf is designed to hold any Stinky Cigar Ashtray (the giant Herf Edition is recommended) to catch debris and end cuts. A lockable drawer below the shelf is for supplies such as extra matches, a can of butane, a can of compressed air and tools to adjust lighters. Each Stinky Cigar Cutting Station includes a “Cigar Themed” Mirror to aid in the proper lighting of your cigar. Now available.

Also introduced at the IPCPR convention was the new 8” square Composite ashtray model. These traditional styled ashtrays feature an extra deep bowl, stackable for easy storage & shipping and “floating” sides to enable ashtrays to be easily picked up for service. The Composite ashtrays are available in Fire Engine Red, Jet Black and Chocolate Brown. Now Available.