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Ashtrays made for REAL Cigar Smokers!

The Original 4-stirrupOriginal Ashtray
Copper PlatedCopper Plated
Mini Herf - 8Mini Herf 8 Ashtray
Antisocial 1-stirrupAntisocial Ashtray
Stinky JrStinky Jr 4
Mini MeMini Me

TALL Ashtrays

Stainless SteelTall Stainless Steel
Jet BlackTall Powder Coated - Jet Black
Chocolate BrownTall Powder Coated - Chocolate Brown
Fire Engine RedTall Powder Coated - Fire Engine Red
Safety YellowTall Powder Coated - Safety Yellow
Competition OrangeTall Powder Coated - Competition Orange
Pure WhiteTall Powder Coated - Pure White
Royal BlueTall Powder Coated - Royal Blue
Forest GreenTall Powder Coated - Forest Green
Hammered CopperTall Ashtray - Hammered Copper

Box Pressed - Designer Series Ashtrays

Acid WashedTall Box Pressed - Acid Washed
Copper PatinaTall Box Press - Copper Patina
Gold PatinaTall Box Press - Gold Patina
Antique DistressedTall Box Pressed - Antique Distressed
Antique GreenTall Box Pressed - Antique Green
Cast GoldTall Box Press - Cast Gold
Brushed GoldTall Box Press - Brushed Gold
Brushed SilverTall Box Press - Brushed Silver
Cast Iron BlackTall Box Press - Cast Iron Black
GalvanizedTall Box Press - Galvanized
Old patinaTall Box Press - Old Patina
Cult Logo BronzeTall Box Press - Cult Cigars
Rust BlueTall Box Press - Rust Blue
Rust BrownTall Box Press - Rust Brow

Composite Ashtrays

BlackComposite - Black
BrownComposite - Brown
RedComposite - Red
StackableComposite - All
8" square with an extra deep bowl! Windproof too!

Floor Ashtrays

Stainless SteelFloor Ashtray - Stainless Steel
Jet BlackFloor Ashtray - Jet Black
Chocolate BrownFloor Ashtray - Chocolate Brown
Floor Standing Herf EditionFloor Standing Herf Edition

Ashtray Accessories

Ashtray KnockerAshtray Knocker
Additional Accessory Tray for Floor AshtraysAccessory Tray
Magnet Kit for Floor AshtraysFloor Ashtray Magnet Kit
Handle for Floor AshtraysFloor Ashtray Handle Demos

Custom Printing

Contact Stinky if you would like to have your Logo or graphic image printed on any ashtray in our line.
Recommended Online Forums

Cigar enthusiasts are some of the nicest people I've ever met. So, if you would like to meet others who share your passion for cigars, please join us on some of the cigar forums and bulletin boards listed below. These web sites are virtual cigar lounges where you can discuss every aspect of cigars with people all over the country (and the world). After years of posting on these web site forums, I've met (literally) hundreds of fellow cigar enthusiasts where ever I travel, because they know . . . I'm Stinky!
Cigar Family Hosted by the Fuente Newman Cigar Company
Cigar Weekly A very active bulletin board
Cigar Advisor Online guide for cigar ratings, reviews and advice
Cigar Group An older forum hosted by Bob Curtis
Cigar World Hosted by General Cigar
Cigar Utopia
BOTL Brothers of the Leaf, welcomes cigar newbies
Vintage Cigar Club
Dog Watch Social Club Weekly Cigar Podcast (audio)
Cigar Live A forum that is welcoming and open to all cigar smokers
Stogie Review Video cigar reviews
Cigar Divan Currently Under Construction
Club Stogie Talk about cigars and life
Cigar Pass Online community promoting cigar trading
Cigar Nexus The Ultimate Cigar Storage Manifesto
Vitolas Rare Cigars pictures & info on rare/oddball cigars! Great site for true cigar enthusiasts!
Cigar Smokers A cigar smokers community and discussion forum.
Classic Cigar Art A great site for antique cigar label art
Cigar Inspector
Cigar Beat
Cigar Club House A Friendly and comfortable place to discuss anything cigar related.
Cigar Asylum A very active and excellent group of Cigar Enthusiasts
Global Cigar Forum Very friendly cigar group in the United Kingdom - London - England
CIGAROPOLIS A place to find reviews, photos, cigar related news, and postings from fellow cigar enthusiasts.
Puff.com A very friendly group of interactive cigar enthusiasts.
The web sites listed above are only recommended as possible good places to discuss your passion for cigars with others who share your interest in fine cigars. We are not responsible for content.

Have you heard about another good cigar forum?
Please send the information to me ... I'm Stinky!