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"After months of development, sifting through prototypes shaped by feedback and setbacks, Stinky Cigar has released a floor stand to accompany its popular ashtray." more....

Floor Ashtray Reviews "Stinky, the resourceful creator of household-product inspired smoking accessories, has revamped his signature ashtray into a new floor stand model." more ...

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Original Ashtray
Original 4 - stirrup
Copper Plated
Copper Plated
Mini Herf 8 Ashtray
Mini Herf - 8
Car Ashtray
Antisocial Ashtray
Antisocial 8"
Stinky Jr 4"
Stinky Jr 4"


Composite - Fire Engine Red Composite - Jet Black Composite - Chocolate Brown Composite - Custom Logo Composite - All
The new 8” square Composite ashtray model is a traditional styled ashtray featuring an extra deep bowl, stackable for easy storage & shipping and the sides “float” above the table to enable ashtrays to be easily picked up for service. The Composite ashtrays are available in Fire Engine Red, Jet Black and Chocolate Brown.

Powder Coated

Tall Stainless Steel Tall Powder Coated - Chocolate Brown Tall Powder Coated - Jet Black Tall Powder Coated - Fire Engine Red Tall Powder Coated - Safety Yellow Tall Powder Coated - Competition Orange Tall Powder Coated - Forest Green Tall Powder Coated - Royal Blue Tall Powder Coated - Pure White
That Great Functional design of the Stinky Cigar Ashtray is now available in a new Taller model! Your choice of either Stainless Steel, Chocolate Brown, Jet Black, Fire Engine Red, Safety Yellow, Competition Orange, Forest Green, Royal Blue, and Pure White. This 'smaller-taller' Stinky Cigar Ashtray is 6½ inches tall by 7 inches diameter. The bowl holds the same volume as the original Stinky Cigar Ashtrays. The useable surfaces of each cigar stirrup are all polished stainless steel. The bowl and base with the powder coated finish are malleable iron with a hot-electrostatic applied powder coated factory finish.

Box Pressed

Tall Box Pressed - Acid Washed Tall Box Pressed - Antique Distressed Tall Box Press - Brushed Gold Tall Box Press - Brushed Silver Tall Box Press - Old Patina Tall Box Press - Copper Patina Tall Box Press - Galvanized Tall Box Press - Cast Iron Black Tall Box Press - Cult Cigars
This new BOX PRESSED shape is an extension of the TALL model that features a ‘Box Pressed’ bowl and a square base. Designer faux finishes include Acid Washed, Antique Distressed, Brushed Gold, Brushed Silver, Old Patina, Patina Copper, Galvanized, Cast Iron Black and the Bronze Cult ashtray with the Cult Cigar logo embossed on two sides of the bowl.

Floor Ashtrays

Floor Ashtray in Stainless Steel, Jet Black or Chocolate Brown
The new Floor Ashtrays are the same size and shape as the original stainless steel model. The useable surface of each cigar stirrup is still polished stainless steel on all models. However, the powder coated models have the bowl, post and base made of malleable iron with a hot-electrostatic applied powder coated factory finish.

Custom Printing

Contact Stinky if you would like to have your Logo or graphic image printed on any ashtray in our line.

Accessories for Floor Ashtrays!

Accessory tray Floor ashtray with accessory tray Floor Ashtray with handle Floor Ashtray Handle

Add an Accessory Tray or a Handle to your Stinky Cigar Floor Ashtray! These accessories are sold separately for use on the Floor Ashtray and will fit the stainless steel or powder coated models.

A wine bottle in the herf edition
The Stinky Cigar Ashtray "Herf Edition"
World's Largest Cigar Ashtray
All stainless steel 17-inch Diameter
Holds almost 3-gallons!
Now available with 8-stirrups

IPCPR 2008 - Interview with Las VegASH TV

Jose Blanco with his Stinky Cigar Ashtray - Herf Edition
La Aurora Contest  (March 13, 2008)

Jose Blanco from La Aurora Cigars filled a Stinky Cigar Ashtray Herf Edition in 10 months, and he ran a contest to see who could guess how many cigars it took to fill this monster up. In combination with Stinky, they offered some great prizes. Click here to see the results.

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